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English Printing History 1877

Early Princeton Printing 1911
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Printing in Colonial New York 1895
Press of North Carolina 1891
Century of Printing in PA 1885
Printing in America 1874
The Press of Maine 1819

Benjamin Franklin, Printer 1917
Hugh Gaine, Printer 1902
Did Gutenberg Invent Printing? 1882
Gutenberg & Art of Printing 1871
Thomas Gent, Printer 1832

Early Printers of Spain 1896
Venetian Printing Press 1891
15th Cen. Wood Engraving, Italy 1888

The School Printshop 1919
Printing for School & Shop 1917
Printing & Bookbinding 1912
Printing & Graphic Art 1903
Printing & Bookmaking Dict. 1894
Printers' Book of Trade Recipes 1891
Practical Printing 1884
Dictionary of Printing 1841
Dictionary of Printing 1839

Applied Design for Printers 1920
Colour Printing & Printers 1910
Design & Color in Printing 1909

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William Caxton 1905
Typography of William Caxton 1882
Labours of Wm Caxton 1877
William Caxton 1844

Printing Types 1922
Parisian Typography 1818
Making Type Work 1916
Typographical Journal 1905
Early Typography 1872
Typographical Gazeteer 1866
Printing Types Caslon 1841
Typographia 1825
Typographical Antiquities 1797

Typography: Composition 1904
Typography: Title Pages 1902
Typography: Type Making 1900

Typography of Advertisements 1917
Typography of Advertisements 1911

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Xylographs to Lead Molds 1921
Linotype Faces Merganthaler 1920
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Open-Air Sports 1887
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You Only Live Twice, 1964, by Ian Fleming



M writes:
    As your readers will have learned from earlier issues, a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense, Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, is missing, believed killed, while on an official mission to Japan. It grieves me to have to report that hopes of his survival must now be abandoned. It therefore falls to my lot, as the Head of the Department he served so well, to give some account of this officer and of his outstanding services to his country.

    James Bond was born of a Scottish father, Andrew Bond of Glencoe, and a Swiss mother, Monique Delacroix, from the Canton de Vaud. His father being a foreign representative of the Vickers armaments firm, his early education, from which he inherited a first-class command of French and German, was entirely abroad. When he was eleven years of age, both his parents were killed in a climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chamonix, and the youth came under the guardianship of an aunt...

    At the age of twelve or thereabouts, he passed successfully into Eton, for which College he had been entered at birth by his father. It must be admitted that his career at Eton was brief... his aunt was requested to remove him. She managed to obtain his transfer to Fettes, his father's old school. Here the atmosphere was somewhat Calvinistic, and both academic and athletic standards were rigorous. Nevertheless, though inclined to be solitary by nature... By the time he left, at the early age of seventeen, he had twice fought for the school as a light-weight and had, in addition, founded the first serious judo class at a British public school.

    By now it was 1941 and, by claiming the age of nineteen and with the help of an old Vickers colleague of his father, he entered a branch of what was subsequently to become the Ministry of Defence. To serve the confidential nature of his duties, he was accorded the rank of lieutenant in the Special Branch of the RNVR, and it is a measure of the satisfaction his services gave to his superiors that he ended the war with the rank of Commander...

    James Bond was briefly married in 1962, to Teresa, only daughter of Marc-Ange Draco, of Marseilles. The marriage ended in tragic circumstances that were reported in the Press at the time. There was no issue of the marriage and James Bond leaves, so far as I am aware, no relative living.

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